4 track expansion of the high speed railway project VDE 8.1.1.*

Transport and Infrastructure sector


Project: < 200 Mio. EUR

CCPM Contract: < k.A.

April 2014

Project management

Detailled description:

The VDE 8.1.1. project is part of the german unity transport project 8, which includes a high speed railway line from Nuremberg to Berlin. The ultimate goal is to shorten the time for reaching Berlin from Munich in less than 4 hours, reaching maximum speeds of 300 km/h and providing a fast and environmentaly friendly alternative to travelling by plane.

Our engineer has provided the services of project management of the subsection from Nuremberg till Ebensfeld, which included the refurbishment of two existing tracks and the building of two new tracks on this route.

* Project is part of the Portfolio of the CCPM Engineer – Managing Director and not part of CCPM Consult GmbH