Duplex house Hallbergmoos

  • Residential sector
  • Hallbergmoos, Germany
  • 2018
  • Design of the HOAI Stages 1-5 (Project evaluation, preliminary design, conceptual design, approval design and executive design) as well as the structural planning, formwork plans and reinforcement plans.


About this Project

Hallbergmoos is located next to the Munich airport and has an ideal location with just 25km outside of the Munich centre.

The private investor built a duplex house (surface 15mx14m) on an area of approx. 1000m2. CCPM Consult executed the approval and executive design. Additionally, our company has provided the structural design of the whole house structure with the according formwork and reinforcement plans. The house was build according to strict energetic optimisation standards, which brought additional saving potential for the investor as well as the fulfillment of low energy standards.


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