Cable Car Project – City transportation

Transport and Infrastructure sector
Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovinia
Project: < 7.0 Mio. EUR
CCPM Contract: < 500.000 EUR
Completion date: April 2018
Project engineering, design and project management

About this Project

The Trebevic Cable Car is one of the oldest urban transportation cable cars in south-eastern Europe, established in the year 1959. It is part of the City of Sarajevo transportation system and was one of the main landmarks of the City of Sarajevo during the Winter Olympic Games in the year 1984.

During the war in the years 1992 – 1995, the Trebevic cable car suffered severe damage and the station buildings were completely destroyed and demolished. CCPM Consult has made its contribution to the reconstruction of the cable car in the years from 2014 – 2017 by providing project management services for the private project sponsor, for the public sector – the City of Sarajevo, and for the company responsible for carrying out the works and manufacturing of the electro-mechanical equipment.

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